New Orleans Appellate Lawyers with a Winning History

A win at trial only lasts until the other side files an appeal. Then, the battle starts over again. Conversely, a loss at trial is only a minor setback if appellate efforts are successful. That’s why you need the right New Orleans appellate attorney on your side.

Choosing the Right Appellate Attorney for Your Case

A good appellate attorney has an eye for:

  • Detail
  • Quality
  • Reputation
  • Cost effectiveness

Without an excellent presentation, you will not catch an appellate court’s eye. Creativity is important, but credibility and accuracy are paramount. A combination of these qualities can be rare.

Dedicated, Experienced & Prepared

At Scott Vicknair, LLC we combine these qualities to lend our skills to your appeal. We can take over your matter after trial, lending a fresh eye to the file and potentially identifying previously unrealized issues on appeal. Similarly, we can seek to protect our previous trial victories on your behalf. Appeals are a necessary part of the practice and our firm has the requisite skill set to realize your appellate goals.

Our experience with litigation and appeals allows us to accurately understand the issues that first arose during trial. You might be surprised by the large number of appellate attorneys that have never tried a case. By contrast, our litigation background allows you to capitalize on attorneys that do not need to engage in guesswork. We quickly absorb the trial materials and identify areas for appeal.

Our appellate pricing is done either by the hour or on a flat fee basis, depending on the circumstances. We do this to accommodate a broad spectrum of clients with different pricing expectations and different ultimate goals.

Appeals Require A High Skill Set

Not just any lawyer can file an appeal. Appeals are an academic area of law, and you want an attorney who can bear that scholarly pressure. While all lawyers receive an education, only a select few sat on law review as students or even performed well in school. While much of litigation is not closely related to the skills learned in law school, the exact opposite is true of appeals.

For your appeal, you want an attorney with a high intellect and unparalleled work ethic. These are the building blocks of success on your appeal, and the building blocks of our firm. Scott Vicknair, LLC boasts significant experience and a reputation for creativity and work ethic. It is our belief that these qualities will only serve to drastically increase your chances for success. Give us a call – we want to show you what we can do.

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If you have questions about your appeal, give us a call. Do not delay in retaining appellate counsel given how quickly deadlines can pass. We are prepared to meet with you over the phone, in person, or online. To make an appointment, call us in New Orleans at (504) 500-1111!

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