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Very little is more frustrating than being owed a large sum of money. If you are anything like the rest of the business world, a heavy accounts receivable balance can disrupt your entire financial well-being. You may be doing an excellent job at providing the work or the service, but those services are meaningless without payment at the end of the job. If you are having trouble collecting money owed, you need a good collection attorney.

At Scott Vicknair, LLC we know collections. Between our wealth of experience representing collection industry participants and our experience in legal collections, we can design a low-cost strategy for collecting accounts receivable in a way that is structured to maximize revenue. We aggressively and tenaciously pursue those that owe you money. And, we always do so in a professional and ethical manner. While we fully intend to collect your funds, we refuse to ruin your business reputation in the process.

Our Goal Is to Get You Paid Efficiently

Our experience with litigation and creditors’ rights allows us to:

  • Quickly navigate the workflow for collections
  • Bring your case to judgment swiftly
  • Begin post-judgment collection efforts at the earliest possible moment

Our New Orleans commercial collection lawyers don’t just want you paid – we want you paid quickly, efficiently, and with minimal costs. Our goal is to let you focus on doing your job without worrying about accounts receivables. In fact, so many of our clients are pleased with our outcomes that they no longer even attempt in-house collections before referring accounts to us.

Pricing Structures That Don’t Hurt Your Bottom Line

We know that you are already out of pocket on your accounts receivable. Our goal is not to make it hurt more, but rather to put you as far into the black as possible. We offer tiered contingency rates on most matters. This means that if all we do is send a letter and make a couple of phone calls, you do not pay a full rate. Simply put, we don’t want more money than we earned. Find a lawyer that will tell you that!

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