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Louisiana is one of the most heavily industrialized states in the nation, and much of this industry is set close to neighboring communities, within the state’s delicate coast, and in the state’s farmland. The industrial activity as well as the oil and gas work have brought good jobs to Louisiana, but there have also been consequences. Many workers and retirees have fallen ill. Industrial accidents have affected workers and neighboring communities. Oil and gas leaks have damaged farmland and contaminated marsh. Gas stations’ underground tanks have ruptured and polluted water supplies. When industrial pollution happens, people who are affected by this pollution have rights. Scott Vicknair, LLC is here to tell you what your rights are and what options you have. We have years of experience working on pollution issues and facility siting issues.

Our attorneys work hard to aid clients in the above matters and other types of environment-related issues. Our firm is well-equipped to seek recovery of damages on behalf of people, businesses, and organizations who have been injured by pollution or who simply want a polluter to clean up their mess and stop polluting.

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