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Although Louisiana’s family laws have changed to create a more level playing field for fathers who want to play more than just a secondary or “backup parent” role in their children’s lives, actually achieving this outcome remains an uphill battle much of the time. Fathers frequently have to overcome obstacles that mothers do not and need to be represented by an experienced lawyer who is sensitive to this reality.

Here at Scott Vicknair, LLC, we are committed to providing every one of our family law clients – men, women, and mothers and fathers alike – with the highest quality of legal services. Our goal is to make sure that the parental rights of the fathers we represent are protected throughout the legal process and that they are not unfairly disadvantaged by the courts.

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Types of Cases We Have Handled for Fathers

We provide assistance for a broad range of cases involving:

What is Legal Paternity and What Rights Does it Give a Father?

In order to have parental rights over a child, a father must legally establish paternity. Doing so gives the father the following rights:

  • The right to raise his child through custody and visitation arrangements
  • The right to make important decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as those involving education, healthcare, and religion
  • The right to file for changes if the other parent fails to abide by support or custody orders
  • The right to file for support or custody modifications if his circumstances change

If a faulty ruling or unfavorable judgment has left you unable to exercise your parental rights, the time is now to involve a member of our team.

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The right attorney can make all the difference for you as a father. Whatever the situation, whether you’re married or were married to the mother or not, we have most likely been successful in a similar type of case. Simply stated, there isn’t a fathers’ rights challenge we don’t have the experience or resources to meet.

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