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Life can be unpredictable. When family members are suddenly unable to care for themselves, it may be necessary for you to step in and seek the court’s intervention; declaring your loved one to be legally incapacitated and allowing you to properly care for them.

This process:

  • Protects your loved ones when they are unable to consistently make reasoned decisions regarding the ongoing care of their person and property
  • Is viable when there are no other means to protect their interests
  • Is much more than a power of attorney, rather a serious safeguard to protect your loved one

Very rarely, the worst imaginable can happen. A loved one can be taken advantage by an ill-meaning person who is either influencing that person directly or using a power of attorney in an irresponsible way. Interdiction can help put a stop to that as well. The experienced New Orleans family attorneys at Scott Vicknair, LLC can work with you to devise a plan that allows you the authority to protect and manage your loved one’s affairs while affording that person as much dignity and freedom as possible.

Strong Guidance Through A Complex Process

Interdiction proceedings can be lengthy and complex. The process involves multiple steps, which must be handled in a specific order. We work with our clients to handle their needs with precision and sensitivity. Not all attorneys have experience in handling interdiction cases and given their complex nature, it is important to retain an attorney that has experience in this extraordinarily detailed field of law. If you have questions about interdiction or any other family law issue, reach out to our team at Scott Vicknair, LLC. Our New Orleans family lawyers offer consultations in person, by telephone, and through online media.

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