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In Louisiana, positive social change seems to move much slower than at the federal level, falling far behind many other states. This can be extremely frustrating for same-sex couples in Louisiana who are seeking the equal protections afforded under the state laws to committed, heterosexual couples.

Our family attorneys regularly assist LGBT individuals and couples with the family law and estate planning issues that all people, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, will face at some point in their lives. We think outside the box in developing solutions for our LGBT clients, and strive to handle various issues and work with the tools the current law provides to achieve the best outcomes, in spite of the limitations in existing federal and state law.

Protecting Your Loved Ones, Even After You Are Gone.

A practical necessity for all people, and especially same-sex couples in Louisiana, is to have proper estate planning documents in place. Without marriage equality in our state for same-sex couples, when you or your partner pass away, the surviving partner will likely not have the survivorship rights afforded to a spouse who is recognized under Louisiana law. Even if you and your partner have lived together in a committed relationship for many years, unless you have appropriately planned for the eventuality of death or incapacity, your life partner will likely be left without any legal protection.

This circumstance can be readily avoided by having a:

Our team can help you in establishing these documents for the benefit of your partner. All couples, regardless of age, sexuality and gender identity should have proper estate and succession documents prepared.

Making Sure Someone Has Your Back

You never know what tomorrow might bring. No one likes to imagine having a serious accident that leaves us incapable of making our own decisions, but this happens to people of all ages every day. A “medical power of attorney” allows you to designate a person or persons of your choosing to make important medical decisions when you become incapacitated.

Because of the absence of legally recognized same-sex marriages in Louisiana, even long-term committed partners have no right to make important medical decisions for each other. These decisions are left to the “next of kin”-family members related by blood or marriage-which can sometimes put your life partner in a difficult position. With a medical power of attorney, however, you can grant your partner the power to make these important decisions on your behalf.

Growing Your Family

LGBT clients may face unique challenges in the process of adopting children. Our New Orleans family lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC may be able to help guide the surrendering or adopting parent or parents through the adoption process. Call to make an appointment for a consultation.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Same-sex couples are often faced with the same break-up woes as their heterosexual counterparts, and dividing jointly held property or dealing with domestic violence issues can be complicated, stressful, confusing, and may even sometimes feel embarrassing or shameful. Relax and let us help you get a fresh start. Our New Orleans LGBT attorneys can assist you in dividing your assets or in obtaining a protective order to protect you from dating partner violence.

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