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Divorce  can be heartbreaking. It only adds to this mix of emotions when you either find yourself wondering “how will I support myself now?” or you turn around and the person you once fell madly in love with seems to be going after all your money. Spousal support-also sometimes referred to as “alimony”-can give a spouse security as the parties separate, but it is often wrongly used as a weapon. Courts have wide discretion in determining spousal support in Louisiana. One misstep and you could find yourself unable to make ends meet or paying ridiculous sums to your spouse.

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The attorneys at Scott Vicknair, LLC regularly litigate support issues. When seeking support, we are often able to help our clients feel more secure during this stressful time, allowing them to move on with their lives. Similarly, when we are defending against spousal support claims, it is our experience that our clients can relax knowing that we fight tenaciously to prevent support from being unreasonably awarded.

Ultimately, we want our clients to have the confidence and resources they need to move on with their new lives. Our experience with child custody, divorce, and other related family law litigation, including community property, enables us to assist you with all related aspects of your case, and give our clients peace of mind that they already have counsel who can protect and defend their rights, in the event that they have multiple family law issues.

I’m Confused. What’s the Difference Between Interim and Final Support?

The main difference between the two is that interim support is paid while the parties are divorcing, and is intended to preserve the status quo. The law attempts, as much as possible, to maintain the parties in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed during the marriage. Interim spousal support then terminates when the final divorce is granted, or within six months thereafter if a claim for final periodic support is pending.

Final periodic support is determined after a divorce is finalized, and generally continues until:

  • A recipient spouse remarries
  • Either party dies
  • A court determines that the recipient spouse has cohabited with another person of either sex “in the manner of married persons”
  • The party receiving support no longer needs it

A spouse seeking final periodic support additionally has a much higher burden of proof to meet with the court. Because of these limitations, the amount that a spouse may receive in final periodic support is, in many cases, considerably less than the amount of interim periodic spousal support that the spouse can receive while the divorce is pending. As a result, final periodic support needs to be thoroughly and carefully litigated.

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