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There are numerous state and federal laws that protect Americans against discrimination of any kind. Nevertheless, there are people who face all forms of discrimination every day of their lives. There may be no group whose condition is more misunderstood and whose rights are more frequently violated than parties with HIV.

The stigma that HIV carries and the ignorance of the general public drive many people to behave in ways that are in direct violation of your rights. If you have been discriminated against in any way and you feel that your HIV infection played any part in it, you should speak with a Louisiana litigation attorney who understands the law and has the ability to protect your interests.

Dedicated Representation in Louisiana HIV Discrimination Claims

At Scott Vicknair, LLC, we represent HIV and AIDS discriminated parties in a broad range of complex discrimination matters in many areas, including but not limited to:

  • Employment law
  • Housing
  • Access to medical care

We also represent clients in actions involving the wrongful disclosure of HIV. No matter what type of discrimination you may be facing, you can rely on us to provide the effective representation you need. Contact our firm for a consultation as soon as possible.

Compassionate & Discreet Representation

We understand the challenges HIV and AIDS discriminated parties face by virtue of their condition, and we understand the tendency to avoid legal action for fear that public knowledge of their condition will become more widespread. We respect your privacy, and we can help you obtain the justice you deserve without your name being used. Our New Orleans attorneys can file your claim under a pseudonym and take steps to ensure that your condition does not become common knowledge.

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