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Louisiana’s rapidly evolving real estate market can give rise to complex relationships between lessors and their tenants. These relationships, along with the businesses and livelihoods that depend on them, succeed or fail based on the strength of their written agreements, and whether the parties are prepared to enforce their rights should conflict arise. The Louisiana landlord / tenant attorneys at Scott Vicknair, LLC pay close attention to the market, and to the law which regulates it. We are always ready to stand by our clients.

Protecting Landlords’ Investments

For commercial and residential landlords, we facilitate all phases and elements of the development and leasing process, including:

  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Lease development
  • Assisting clients with regulatory and zoning issues
  • Tenant disputes and late rent payments
  • Evictions
  • Property disputes and litigation

At Scott Vicknair, LLC, we put our clients first. We understand that property disputes can cost landlords time and money. We work hard to address these issues in a timely manner, with an objective to resolve them decisively.

New Orleans Attorneys Defending Tenants’ Rights

If you’re considering a new lease or locked into a long-term agreement that’s gotten rocky, we understand the stakes and the importance of swift response.

Our attorneys represent tenants and sublessors in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Rent and other disputes
  • Contract reviews
  • Threats of eviction
  • Eviction hearings
  • Unreturned security deposits
  • Failures to repair or mitigate damage
  • Subtenant disputes

If you have concerns about your legal rights, give us a call. It’s important not to waste time. In some circumstances, failing to take prompt action could keep you from getting the resolution you’re entitled to. Our team is here to help you and to support you.

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