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Becoming a medical professional is a dream come true for many. But any licensed physician will tell you that the rules and regulations quickly become burdensome:

  • In Louisiana, physicians are overseen by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, which is a state body that has a broad sweeping authority to investigate and prosecute.
  • Further, they have several “catch-all” provisions in the relevant legislation that permit the board to prosecute for things that are not explicitly forbidden.

Accordingly, an investigation slightly mishandled or a credible complaint can quickly lead to a physician being forced on the defensive out of fear for his license. Our New Orleans professional license defense lawyers at Scott Vicknair, LLC understand these issues, and we approach these matters with the utmost sensitivity and decorum.

Experienced Legal Representatives on Your Side

With prior experience pursuing medical professionals for ethics violations, our office truly sees both sides of the fence. We try to use that experience to view matters from the prosecution’s eyes. It is our belief that this experience allows us to professionally advocate on your behalf and defend your livelihood.

Our litigation experience allows us to prepare you for trial and force the Board to prove their case. Similarly, our past experience on these matters and our business experience allow us to approach the Board in a professional manner and to explore potential resolution with a non-hostile, amicable approach. Medical ethics defense needs to be handled with care, and we approach it exactly that way.

We Stand With You Every Step Of The Way

You may be surprised at how emotionally involved you become in the accusations made against you. Very strong, academic medical professionals often become scared and distracted when an ethics allegation is made and the Board begins to go forward against them. We are here for you during this time. Our medical professional clients often talk to us after hours to discuss these matters, and our lawyers are more than happy to oblige. We also work very hard with every medical professional we encounter to remediate any possible wrongdoing before you get to the Board. When you retain us, you don’t just have a lawyer defending you, you also have a confidant and friend supporting you through this process.

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